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Are you Falling Into the Capability Trap?
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About this Common Block and How To Avoid It.

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… It is wreaking havoc in society,
and could be preventing you from enjoying the
fulfillment and joy you so richly deserve.

Dr Joanna Martin

Pina De Rosa M.C.Ht


That’s why Pina De Rosa and I
have put our heads together
to create this 7-Part video series

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We have a huge vision for the planet- to empower a new generation of feminine leaders:

Powerful yet gentle
Graceful yet strong
Passionate without burning out

If you are here, you are a busy woman, a powerful and successful woman, a capable woman. But do you have the level of fulfillment, joy and serenity that you desire?

You see, the “Capability Trap” is common to us all, and has negatively impacted most of us at some point in our lives. It can not only stress you out but:

That’s Why We Are On A Mission to Raise Awareness
of Its Prevalence, and Empower Women to Become
Inspired Leaders who Create Magic Around Them
Through Embracing Their Inner Grace and Passion

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What you will learn and discover along the way:

Part One: What is the Capability Trap and How Is It Impacting You

You will:

Part Two:Getting Straight With Yourself

You will:

Part Three: Identifying Your Natural Way

You will:

Part Four:The Roots of the Capability Trap

You will:

Part Five:The Release from the Capability Trap

You will:

Part Six: Introducing the Woman of Influence

You will:

Part Seven:Embracing learning, growth and support

You will:

This is a strong foundation to some of the distinctions we cover in The International Women’s Leadership Program. So to find out what you’re missing, register now for your gift.

As I said, Pina and I have a vested interest in changing the way we women show up as leaders in our communities- and it all starts here. That’s why this Video Course, normally valued at $97 is yours free today.


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With grace and passion,

Joanna and Pina

Joanna Martin and Pina De Rosa

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